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  While his parents, famed archeologists were deep in the Bafganistdadian jungles excavating the lost ruins of Ozec young Wolff was separated from his parents when a cliff crumbled from beneath his feet. Ferried away by the currents he was swept into a glittering pool where he saw a vision of the yarn of fate, a ball like relic of great power and mystery.

When his parents found him, he was not the same. He spent years in the jungles, raised by wolves (his parents), learning of the ancient artifact. The years went on, and the jungle wore harshly upon them. Nightly attacks by "el pollo loco" and days of struggling with "giant ferocious radioactive man eating killer death spiders" until one day, he found it. The yarn of fate.

Wolff soon fashioned the yarn into six separate strands, which he strung upon the chitinous remains of one of the giant spiders to form...his axe. His guitar, his source of power. Years of living to the beat and rhythm of the jungle had honed his musical skills, until he was one with the life force of the universe. Now, he uses his powers for the good of all humanity.

A man in search of himself, Togo went to the remote island of Azuria, a land of blue grass and sapphire sky. There, he met with the lost tribe of the Umba-ba-bahs, a secretive order of near silent warrior monks. There, Togo took his oath of near-silence, learning that each word was precious and carried great power, learning even of the most sacred of them, the word of power. The Umba-ba-bah's were not alone however.

The ever prevalent Idts-dts-dts beat upon the sacred walls of the monastery. There, the clash of Umba-ba-bah and Idts-dts-dts created a clamoring din of primal music. Sworn to protect the peaceful monks, Togo took arms against the savages. When he came at last, standing face to face with the thousand-toothed Fangor beast all hope seemed lost. Togo used the secret word of power, passed to him by the monks, looped repeatedly amidst the Umba-bah-bah and Idts-dts-dts to go into a sacred "Trance" of music, giving him the strength to destroy the beast.

Defeated, the savages fled into the plains and as tribute to his bravery the monks took the thousand teeth of the beast and created the sacred keys of music. Keys, which they forged into the powerful keyboard that remains in his safe keeping to this day.


  Very little light has been shed upon the origins of the mysterious Nutmeg, a small pup of incredible fortune and fate. Chaos and calamity seem to follow the poor creature around, though none of it has ever been directly linked to him. Crumbling buildings collapse, faulty wiring sparks and erupts, houses of cards fall as flat as houses of pancakes. Yet still he moves through the world with out a care, unaware of the wake of destruction his presence seems to create. That is, until the day he crossed paths with...Orchestro.

Deep within the ocean, lurking upon the depths of the abyssal canyons there is a creature. One of such dark intent, cruel intention and rending power that all humanity should fear for his arrival. That creature is not Stodgnerz. Washed upon the shores by a storm, he was merely a pear of flotsam being pecked upon by the savage fury of the seagulls. Rescued by Orchestro and brought to the safety of the castle (or more accurately, stepped in by Orchestro and scraped off his foot at the doorway) he has ever since been the mighty mastodon's faithful servant.

Unaware of the sinister machinations of his savior, Stodgnerz does not have a mean bone in his body (in fact, he has no bones at all.) However, his complete lack of understanding the local languages and customs have sometimes caused him to commit to certain faux pas such as gluing bombs to floors.


  There are legends, words whispered in the softest of voices only in the darkest of places. Some say that he was the very first, the precursor to all. The first musician to beat the leg bone of a slain beast upon the skull of another, to craft the first note, the beginning of all music. Frozen in a flash freeze, he awoke to find his creation starting to flourish.

They say that he taught all the greatest composers, Moozart, Bark, Beaktoven, even the legendary Racido Flamingo, truly he was the architect of the great renaissance. But something within him turned cold, or perhaps it always had been. His love of the art soon twisted shriveled into a deep hatred. Some say it was because he was scorned by some great love but others insist that music was his only true passion.

Some have speculated that the perversion of his art into catchy jingles for snack foods and elevators drove him mad. Secluding himself away in a barren landscape, Orchestro strives to bring glory back to his art and destroy all who stand in his way.