Undercover Update

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (September 25, 2008) --
Hey gang, just taking the time to give you all an update since the release of "Undercover". It's been 4 weeks since the release, and the reviews we've received on the album overall are great! We presented a new sound and style for Sub-level 03 and it's been received in ways we never expected. We previewed the album in its entirety to a handful of fans on the date of the release at our CD listening party, it was great to get first hand reactions as well as being able to hear instant feedback on our latest release. The album made record sales for the band on its opening weekend and we were very pleased to see the level of excitement in those that came buy our table to purchase the CD.

We are currently in the process of rehearsing and putting together a show that will surely please all fans alike. We'll be kicking off our "Covert operation tour" at Oklacon 6 on October 25th, 2008. Our set will consist of 15 songs from all of our releases, and it will be our most energetic show to date. We look forward to seeing you all while out on tour, and please keep checking our site www.sublevel3.us for regular tour date updates.

Sub-level 03

Breaking News: "Undercover" Pushed Back To July 31st

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (June 17, 2008) --
Due to the extensive work that is required in post-production we are moving the release of "Undercover" by five weeks, pushing back the releas date to July 31st. We are diligently working on putting the final touches on all 20 tracks. Once all the tracks are finalized and mastered then they are pressed and packaged. This project is larger than anything we've undertaken and the amount of post-production required is taking more time than anticipated. Instead of rushing and risking the quality of the work for the sake of meeting a deadline; we felt it was more important to give our fans a top quality album. We appreciate your understanding and we promise that you will not be disappointed with "Undercover".

Sub-level 03

"Undercover" Now Available For Pre-order

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (May 31, 2008) --
The time has finally arrived to Pre-order your copy of "Undercover". For the next 3 weeks you will be able to purchase "Undercover" for the discount price of $17 (a $5 savings). Visit our Store section and be one of the first to pre-order "Undercover" at a discount price!! Hurry, this discount price is for a limited time, so act now!

"Shout" Single Available Now

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (April 19, 2008) --
As time approaches for the release of "Undercover" we are excited to announce the release of the first single off of Sub-Level 03's new album. "Shout" is a single that is made in limited quantities of 100 cd's, as it is intended for the promotion of "Undercover".

Also, this single includes Sub-Level 03's version of "Kashmir" a Led Zeppelin cover you won't find anywhere else, as well as the album version of "Sweet Dreams". The "Shout" single is available now in the Store section of this site.

Two 2008 Tour Dates Confirmed, Tour Opener In Memphis, TN.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (Jan. 4, 2008) --
Just two days after Sub-Level 03 announced the release date for their new album, "Undercover", the band has released more exciting news for 2008. Two tour dates for the 2008 "Undercover Tour" have been announced. August 30th, in Memphis, Tennessee, and October 25th, in Watonga, Oklahoma.

The tour will kick off at Mephit FurMeet in Memphis, Tennessee, in which the band promises is a must see and the beginning of a new era for Sub-Level 03. The second confirmed date is Oklacon in Watonga, Oklahoma, which also promises to be great show due to it being in the band's home state.

The new tour will of course include many of their new songs from "Undercover" as well as some old favorites from past Sub-Level 03 CD's. More dates are planned for this tour into 2009, and negotiations are going on now with other venues. As soon as these become available you'll see them at www.sublevel3.us and www.lv-426.us .

Undercover Release Slated For June 2008

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (Jan. 1, 2008) --
After the release of their hit album “Touch of Pink” and the conclusion of their “Pink Revolution Tour”, Sub-Level 03 has returned to the studio to create “Undercover”.

This will mark Sub-Level 03’s 4th studio album and promises to be one of their best. The two CD set will be filled with a variety of original songs, musical collaborations, and cover songs. The album will also be available with three different covers as was announced this time last year after the completion of the "Undercover Contest" in which three winners were chosen after a six month long contest to create the new cover for the CD. The three covers can be seen in the "Media" section of Sub-Level 03's official website.

The album it's self is slated for release in late June of 2008, followed by a tour to showcase their new release. No further details on the CD or the following tour dates are available yet, so keep checking www.sublevel3.us and www.lv-426.us for more exciting updates at they become available.

Photos provided by Kyle Gregory