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  A New Beginning

When we come into this world,
Some believe we make our own destiny,
And then there are some who believe that we have
A path that is chosen for us.

No matter which you believe,
We all have to deal with the hardships…
Of life…

These elements will shape our hearts
And beings into what will eventually
Be the end product of us…

All in all we are one and same
-we hurt
-we need
-we love
-we laugh
-we cry
but the most dreaded human emotion is the empty feeling
of being… alone…


You and I created life
Then life lost me in a maze
Gone astray and mystified
No way out I'm terrified
Alone I traveled I cannot find
Anxiously I need a guide
To walk me out of this cold, gray and misty haze.

What do I have to do to end this crazy game?
Tired of running circles, I'm needing a way out
Rules keep changing, re-arranging against me
Caught in the middle of this turbulence
I need something to make me feel sane
Help me find myself, before I lose my sanity

You were so young and full of life
You gave me joy and pacified
A different kind of love we shared
Had me tied up in knots
Untimely loss, deepened wounds
The maze of life, I'd lose you to
Do I deserve this pain I'm going through here all alone?

Loving devotion revived by charms
The heart beats, consent to love
Unity's a luxury that came with a hefty price
Until the day when love was done
Dusk came without a dawn
Again I myself on that cold gray misty haze.

Life After You

Now that it's all over
Will it never, ever be the same again?
Like a vessel floating on the open sea
Darkening skies are watching over me
Wade its way right through the dark
Enslaved to a world with no more light
Needing a guiding star
To place me on my homeward path

Was this feeling real or just a fantasy?
Was the tender love you had for me ever real?
When you woke to hear me call …calling your name
Did it ever make you feel like you weren't alone?
These are things that endlessly haunt my mind
How can I get used to life…life after you

Happiness for me is so grim
While the drops from my heart are flowing
Trading bliss for all your fears
Seems to be what makes you feel alone
Stealing yourself away from me
Pushes me back into the darkness I'd escaped
Giving life to fear and loneliness
Promises were broken, can you heal my pain?

2nd Best

Take a look at your own life
It's a mess you cannot hide
Take a look at what I have
You will never be like me
Twisting minds to get your way
Like a pest, I wish you'd just go away

Judge me:
Look at your own heart
Everything I had
Deceive your way through life
To always be the best
You'll always be second best

Take the time to take apart
All the work I did so hard
Jealousy makes the blood run green
To fulfill your filthy greed
Living life as a parasite
Stealing life that others have
Don't forget how the saying goes
"Bad people live bad lives"

I got something you will never find
I am something you will never reach
(I was first)
Second best, you are a void
(Empty and dark)

Forever Eternal

There's something I must say
This dormant passion is alive
I know things were said,
Drawing lines in the sand…
You're the one that brings me warmth
(You're the dream I seek)…my sanctuary

I will be there by your side
Time will end, and I will still have you
I'll make sure you are not all alone
I will remain true for ever eternal

V. 2
In my soul you are mine
I won't reject the love you give.
You drive every beat of my heart.
Will there be a happy story's end?
(Will I be the one) to mend a broken heart?

I will be there by your side
Time will end, and I will still have you
I'll make sure you are not left all alone
I will remain true for ever eternal

The Hands of Time

Wait, we are not finished here
How can you turn your back on me?
Where did your love go?
What's got you so afraid?
Turn back around, I see your eyes
They show the pain, inside your heart
Come back to me…
And sorrow will be no more

What will I have to do?
To push back the hands of time?
To change how things were said
To get you back in to my life
How do I push back the hands of time?

You… you say you need more time
I can give you all of mine
We moved so fast
Time left us in the dust
Why don't you let me chase your fears
Away, so you can breathe again?
Your frozen heart,
Needs my warmth and resolve

Against me time is ticking away
Can't take them back, the hours that have gone by
Leaning on the hands of time, they hold me back away from you

Elements of the Paw

We seem to live life as free lives
We want to be on top of the world
We work so hard, just to survive
We are too blind to see the light

Take my hand and you'll soon find out
This life is full of tricks up its sleeve.
Awake yourself from endless dreams
You will not believe the world we live in
The world we live in is a cruel, unjust, enemy
That's why

I Can't take anymore of this delusion
I Can't seem to shake this damn intrusion
I want to live my life without alterations
I want to rid myself from the elements of the paw

As years go by, we slowly die
Slave to the grind, our lot in life
We search for love only to find
It won't install in the game of life

I cannot stand when things go south
Everything spinning out of control
It's world war three inside my head
Follow our hearts, means certain pain
I cannot believe the unrest we deal with
The unrest we deal with, is much harder than life
(That's why


Lying awake here in ecstasy
Feeling your touch just sets me free
Turning thoughts and fears into reality
You can fill my heart with love and
Give me what I need
Unleashed the hounds that fuel love,
Cause only you hold the golden key

Your words are kind and filled with life
Light the flame that lights my way
Straight to your heart, to keep me safe
There's no other thing in this life
That can make me smile like you do.
When I'm with you

I feel the sense of walking on air
When I hear you say what you feel for me
Feel the exhilaration when you are next to me
Isn't is strange how two lost souls
Can find them selves in a paradox that we call life?
I can't believe that you belong to me

...For You

You came to light from shadows
A flower with broken petals
Thorny to understand distinctive ways
Hungry for love's warmth, you clanged to me
Indecision keeps my distant love confusion

I'd put that all aside …
To have you by my side
I'll push my fears away
All aside …for you

How will I live without you here?
I would give my life away …for you
I would climb the highest mountain,
Cross the widest sea,
I would do it over and over ...for you

Years go by, and time takes flight
Who will fill the void left in me?
Will this be our final night, my love?
I see you fade into my lonesome past
I surrender to my heart …for you

I'll put my love inside
And love you till I die
I'd wipe my tears away …
All away …for you

How will I live without you right here?
I would give my life away …for you
I would climb the highest mountain,
Cross the widest sea,
I would do it over and over ...for you

What if?

Lonely days keep passing by
Traveling back through the chapters of life
Page by page I search for you
Smiles convert to flowing tears
Ties unbound and fall apart
Leaving us out in the bitter cold

What if I could give all you need?
What if you would give yourself to me?
Avoid our feelings; leave them here to die
What if we if we just said goodbye?

Every time that I'm with you
I misplace my will and self-control
You're not immune to the kind of love
that comes from within me,
I feel the very same for you
Why don't you open your eyes and see
Everything you need is me?
Still you choose to look the other way
I can devote my life to you
You don't have to end all this right here
Let us indulge our selfish inner needs
For we know this heartache won't just go away

What if I could give all you'll ever need?
What if you'd surrender yourself all for me?
What if our love could learn to breathe again?
Ignore the feelings; leave them here to die
I will never see the world in your eyes.

Now the time has come to painfully take apart
The feelings built on time, I convince myself of things unreal,
Day by day I'm longing for you,
Reliving blissful times, only to see them all falling apart.


In you I will live for all eternity.
Time could not forgive
Failing you once again

Will I be forgiven?
Will I be your friend?
Can I ease the pain?
When the dream comes to an end?

I cannot explain
The complexities of time
I am only a traveler
Along for a ride
And in this trek
Many faces come to light
Some will fade, and some remain
Yours I will keep in a sacred place.
I will never let you part