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Elements of the Paw - 2004
Sub-Level 03's second album is a diverse mix of dark and heavy progressive rock wiith slight goth tinges and echoes of everything from Pink Floyd, to Alan Parsons Project, Emerson Lake and Palmer to VAST

"When we come into this world, some believe we make our own destiny,and then there are some who believe that we have a path that is chosen for us. No matter which you believe..." the lyrics in Elements of the Paw will make you understand that we all suffer the same shortcomings in life. We are all on this planet to live significant lives, or less fortunate ones. But beauty always lies in the eye of the beholder. We all have that one person that we feel has taken something away from us as the lyrics suggest in "2nd best" one of the albums more aggressive tunes. Lyrics that marry disgust with anger, such as "Take a look at what I have; you will never be like me. Twisting minds to get your way; like a pest, I wish you'd just go away" make it clear that we are never safe from the mindless pilfering that threatens our happiness.

The album is not full of anger and dismay; there are many tracks that deal with love, devotion, bliss, and forgiveness. "Paradox" is a perfect example of one of these songs, the hard driven guitar chops, mixed with an ominous keyboard lead give this song a very seductive and erotic charm that often entangles us with love. The title track "Elements of the Paw" raises the question towards the meaning of our existence. We are so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, that we just focus on the negative aspects of our lives. But the upbeat flirty rhythm of this song is almost like that of a child taunting a bully in retaliation of the unwanted demeaning actions taken against him. This is made obvious with words like "... pain, sadness, love and death. Nothing will ever get above me... never!" Overall Elements of the Paw is an hour long tour through the life of a soul that has lived out many of the shortcomings of life.

1. A New Beginning Listen
2. Trials Listen
3. Life After You Listen
4. 2nd Best Listen
5. Forever Eternal Listen
6. The Hands of Time Listen
7. Ambient Jake Listen
8. Elements of the Paw Listen
9. Paradox Listen
10. Diana Listen
11. ...For You Listen
12. What If? Listen
13. December Listen

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