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Sub-Level 03 Rise of Orchestro Comic Book including 4 Song EP - 2014
Join Togo and Wolff, the unsung heroes of the wastelands, as they face the musical oppression of their arch nemesis "Orchestro". Sub-Level 03 The Rise of Orchestro is Sub-level 03's first comic book, and features art and story from the great minds at RTC Produtions.

The first 100 copies include an exclusive 4 song EP featuring songs that didn't make it on Undercover. Get your copy today, and don't miss out on this great offer.

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Shout - 2008
This CD not only contains what can be concidered the best of Sub-level 03, but it captures the excitement of a Live SL-03 Concert.

Featuring all your Sub-Level 03 favorites.

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Music For Dogs: Special Edition - 2006
4 years after their debut album's original release, Sub-level 03 decided to remaster the original recordings with the latest state of the art technology available to home studios, giving the album a fresh new sound. This special edition CD and DVD combo captures the heart and soul that Sub-Level 03 brings to its fans like never before.

This must have set, includes a special edition "Music For Dogs CD (remastered)" with extra bonus track not available anywhere else, a special edition sticker, and the full two DVD set "Music For Revolution" which shows you everything from the band's beginnings to all the work that goes on behind the scenes. "Music For Dogs: Special Edition" is only limited to 100 copies, so be sure to get yours today!

Set Includes:
• Special Edition "Music For Dogs (remastered)" CD with exclusive
   bonus track "Eyes of a Stranger"

• Exclusive Sub-Level 03 sticker

• Special Edition "Music For Revolution" DVD