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Touch of Pink - 2005
From Pink Floyd to Type-O-Negative, and Dead Can Dance to Lesiem, the listener is led down a path five years in the making. The haunting style of Sub-Level 03 masterfully reveals its influences as each album progresses. SL-03 hails from the crossroads of America's heartland: Oklahoma City.

The powerful two-man band makes no apologies for taking its audiences on a trip to a new universe of alternative rock fusion blending elements of rock, techno, trance, and new age styles seasoned with world sounds and soaring, electrifying vocal arrangements. Nor do they compromise when it comes to displaying lyrical emotion in their music. Concert goers often report becoming transported with the melodies - the lyrics, visuals, and lighting all build to immerse the listener in emotion, illuminating the ways of anger, love, sorrow, elation, and betrayal. The band uncovers how each of these twists and fractures the heart revealing the base, emotional animal within, longing for love, desiring peace, but trapped within the human condition. Listen to the music and you are rewarded by an ongoing story; attend their high energy performances and you will live it!

Whether you are a first time listener or a devoted fan, you will always see the passion, energy, and confidence that SL-03 brings together for the ultimate in a broad emotional and rich sensory experience. "Music for Dogs" began these artists' careers, exploring dark industrial tones and rhythms, coupled with exotic eastern styles, and hypnotic, danceable beats. They stunned listeners with the release of "Elements of the Paw" an artistic triumph that delves deep into our collective psyche, mining its remotest corners revealing a rich cloth woven from many looms and stained with the sweat and toil of life. Now they are touring to promote their electrifying new E.P. "Touch of pink", an energetic five song collection that will move you to the dance floor, again demonstrating the enormous and diverse artistic talent these song smiths possess and share with audiences.

1. Touch of Pink Listen
2. The Illusion of Me Listen
3. Return to Paradise Listen
4. Splinter Listen
5. Permanent Listen

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